Enjoying My Work With Les Femmes


hello! my name is Kyara and i am an enterpreneur and i do love fashion so much! today i am writing this short article in the middle of my work. currently, i'm working as fashion staff at one of the fashion retail company in Jakarta. it was such a big pleasure to work here and i'm enjoy it! Fashion is the love of my live. i do watch every single tv programme which involved the fashion stuff or fashion icon. 

i do love shopping. i love seeing a new collection from a brand that i love or not. right now, i'm enjoying with some of Les Femmes collection. first which caught my eyes is their clutch. Les Femmes has an elegant look of their cluth. it represent nude and soft colour, while sometimes they shocked me with their 'unusual' color like old blue or shocking green. but anyways, girl still loves it! and now im giving you a sneek peak one of my current loves, the silver cluth!

it's very functional. it gives a little room for my money, phone, and other little things like earrings or bracelet. so in love! because i can still use it for any occasion, formal on non-formal events. you guys should check it too!

p.s : i bought this clutch on Les Femmes Plaza Bintaro ♥