White Shoes Is The Best One


i love shoes! especially high heels and flat-shoes. now for closing the end of this beautiful year of 2017, i might be choose one of the best pair of shoes. sure i want to end this year with a perfect outfit and accessories.

ladies, if you ask me which color should we pick, it must be WHITE! since a new year always represent a good thing, new journey, new beginning, new path of life, i guarantee you that white is the most perfect color. everything always look goooooooood in white, right? if i'm not mistaken, white is mean 'honest', and 'pure'. hope everything will get clear, pure and better in the next year. 

now, let's talk about the collection. i love les femmes new white shoes, HOHO!!  it's christmas vibe and i dont wanna miss a thing-every-single-thing about white shoes. they have a-good-looking pair of shoes, including this one that i made it as my article picture. beautiful right???

for awe you even more, let me tell you that this cutie stuff can be used for any occasion. school event, going college for study, wedding oof a friend, work, hangout with pals, anything! so useful! and they serve not only white one. you better check at the stores. by the way, i pay this one in Cipinang Indah Mall store. 

sooo, i will search another treasure and going to write again on this page, reacting the new collection of  les femmes!!